Tanay Adventure Camp has the facilities and equipment to make your outdoor adventure the best ever!

Zip Line

Be thrilled to ride our 230-meter long Zip lines, the longest in the Province of Rizal, and our 90-meter, 3-short Zip Lines for a quick jaunt, both fully equipped with the highest standard of security for your safe yet exciting experience.

Rappeling Tower Picture


Try our nerve-racking 50-footer Rappelling Tower where you can conquer your fear of heights with the full support of our well-trained facilitators. Built to specifications, our tower guarantees your safety.

Wall climbing picture

Wall Climbing

Experience new challenge in Wall climbing where you can choose to set different climbing routes by following color-coded holds to measure your determination in reaching the top. Available in 20 feet and 40 feet walls.

Rope obstacle course picture

Ropes & Obstacle Courses

Dare to try our Ropes and Obstacle Courses to test your stamina and stability in crossing different tricky paths.

administration building

Administration Building

The administration building can be found at the heart of the camp. Strategically located at the top of the hill overlooking the mountain range and Laguna de Bay, the 3-storey Admin Building is the center of all business transactions and negotiations.

tent areas picture

Camping Areas

Become a part of nature with our triple-decker camping areas suitably provided with tents for authentic outdoor experience.

Multipurpose hall Picture

Multipurpose Hall

The “Maharlika” Multipurpose Hall is the place to conduct different types of gatherings, as well as indoor games. Fully-equipped with movable stage and sound system, the hall can accommodate up to 500 persons.

Wash areas picture

Comfort/Shower Rooms, Wash Areas and Kitchens

The area has enough comfort/shower rooms and wash areas to accommodate the campers. The kitchen stations are likewise provided within the camping grounds and the Multipurpose Hall.

Zorb Ball picture

Zorb Ball

Get your heart pumping and experience the thrill of zorbing your way down a hill. Guaranteed for absolute enjoyment, zorbing is definitely a ride you will never forget.



Sleeping quarters are also available within the camp for those who are not into outdoor stay. The dormitory can accommodate up to 200 persons.


Facilitators pictureOurs is a group of dynamic and professionally trained facilitators, with established track record in leadership training, and knowledgeable in terms of ropes, hardware, mechanical advantage, water operation and emergency medical and rescue services. So you can be definitely assured of your safety, since it is one of our primary objectives aside from giving you the most unforgettable adventure of your life.

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